A citywide public art & mural festival bringing together artists with diverse styles & backgrounds from all over the world.

Charlotte, North Carolina

October 16th-19th, 2019

As a 100% not for profit community venture, we welcome and appreciate any and all support available. Donations, partnerships, sponsorships, and volunteer opportunities are abundant. Please reach out to us to get involved. 


With community support, we will continue to eliminate the “beige” from Charlotte’s vernacular. TALKING WALLS strives to show the world in a highly visible way that Charlotte is a creative hub and a city that supports and welcomes artistic influencers.

Artists, partnerships, sponsors & wall donors will be announced weekly leading up to the festival.

2019 Mural Festival









NINER Times: “Talking Walls Produces Murals Across Charlotte”

Usually we don’t notice walls; we notice the rooms that they divide, the rain that they keep out, the picture frames that hang upon them. But walls usually remain invisible, disappearing into the background, easily forgotten. Oct. 10 through Oct. 13, the public art...

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