Charlotte, NC

Obso was born and raised here in Charlotte, NC. He is a pioneer of the local graffiti & street art scene who has actively been writing for well over a decade. An artist who honed his craft via trial and error, personal experiences and from painting alongside peers all over the country. All of these things helped form his style and approach to painting that you see today.

“I found myself doodling on everything from a very young age, my classroom notes, the church bulletin, my bedroom wall, etc. I never had aspirations of being an artist, if anything I was more into sports, with plans to be the next Micheal Jordan, who didn’t… it was just how I filled the gaps in my day. In time, my drawings begin to evolve from my favorite cartoon characters, into emulating the graffiti had seen on trips up north and out west, later in books and on the internet. I was extremely curious about this mysterious and mischievous art, and I had to learn more.

Around 1998, my good friend Kevin, who I always admired for being truly the illest when it came to art, introduced me to the underside of this train bridge. The train tracks were flanked by large concrete walls. Beautiful and filthy, it was a new playground not too far from my house. Trash littered the ground from passing cars above, it was in stark contrast to the tree lined Charlotte I was used to. I was excited to put my drawings to the test. We pulled out some spraypaint, a sketch, and went to work. In a couple hours, my pencil sketch had transformed into this big, colorful painting… “JESTER” it said. It was nothing shy of amazing, my greatest work, and my first real taste of a world I had no clue I would later dive headfirst into.”  ~ Obso

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