Jason Naylor


Jason is a NYC artist, known for bright colors and even brighter themes, commonly found on large-scale murals around the world. His work explores the communication of human emotions using organic shapes, bold colors, and a strong design aesthetic. Jason has worked with various brands like Coach, Pepsi, Toyota, and Microsoft. He has received global recognition for his work including a Golden Novum Design Award. In 2018, BUMBLE named Jason one of its 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers. People love Jason for his unforgettable colors and the optimism woven into his work. His relentless positivity and kindness translate across many mediums and applications, and his technicolor murals capture the hearts of everyone who sees them. Jason brings a fresh taste of love and kindness to all of his projects and desires to use his work to spread love, and good vibes, and also do some good in the world.

Camp North End

301 Camp Rd. 


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