Atlanta, GA

KILLAMARI is a freelance illustrator and designer based in the city of Atlanta, specializing in character-based illustrations and designs. He likes drawing wacky characters and creating vibrant worlds by mashing together Khmer culture, monsters, martial arts, and yummy eats! Killamari has developed a dynamic aesthetic that is immediately recognizable, bursting with invigorating characters that bridge the gap between innocent and sinister.


DoitDoitLeague is a mainstay of the Atlanta art scene. A native of Atlanta Georgia, he is an Army Combat Veteran and Graduate of Saint Leo University with a BA in Sociology and his art is a mixture of subversive commentary and absurd humor, referencing pop culture iconography. DoitDoitLeague’s art can be seen all over the city of Atlanta. He has worked on projects for the Atlanta Beltline, Discover Atlanta, The City of Decatur, Scofflaw Brewery, and many others.


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