Senkoe’s work is a continuous reference to the discourse of identity present in the use and reinterpretation of pre-Hispanic aesthetics, the use of textiles and handcrafted references in the imaginary, mystical, and typical pre-Columbian cultures, mixed with current references like pop culture, graphic design, and illustration. His graphics overtake the nationalist discourse and go beyond the border; they make use of a language that graces the mystical and spiritual profundities tied to the natural forces, use of colors, shamanism, and magic, without leaving aside the current, social problems and concern for the frenetic changes of today’s society. Fused into a Mexican chimeric identity, he constructs what can be called a narrative graffiti that results in his work stimulating the imagination of the passerby in a kind of animalistic dream. His work has been exhibited in England, France, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, India, Nepal, and Mexico. His career includes presentations in urban art festivals at national and international levels, as well as activities related to the teaching of urban art and fine art. He studied pedagogy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico took art workshops at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City and received artistic workshops at the Academia San Carlos, reinforcing his knowledge in practice with workshops and courses related to art and design. He is currently working full-time on painting interventions in the urban context as a part of an interdisciplinary project in favor of the recovery of public spaces.

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